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Now accepting clients for:

- Puppy Foundations

- Adult Life Skills / Manners

- Recall / Off-Leash Adventure Prep


  • In-person or over Zoom depending on your intake form and the issues we'll be addressing.

  • We'll review your training goals and develop a customized plan based on your pets' strengths, your lifestyle and learning style, and your families bandwidth for training.

  • This is the perfect time to unpack questions you have about your dog's behavior as well as air any recurring frustrations. I aim to provide a judgement-free zone in which you can be honest about what you have or haven't tried and what has or hasn't worked for you and your pet.

*Consultation required prior to purchasing one-off sessions, DIY Coaching or Day Training packages


  • An excellent option for folks who have the desire to train their puppy/dog but can't find the time.

  • I'll visit your home on a pre-scheduled basis for a training session and/or socialization excursion.

  • You do not need to be present for day training sessions but are welcome to observe.

  • After each session you'll receive updates detailing what we worked on.

  • Day Training packages include transfer session(s) in which I show you how to maintain training and sharpen your own skills.


  • Ideal for folks who want to learn the ins & outs of training and take a hands-on approach

  • I'll meet you in your home or at an ideal public location depending on your dog's training plan

  • After each coaching session I'll send you customized brainwork to progress in your dog's plan and we'll work together to ensure we're succeeding at a rate that's doable for you.

  • DIY Coaching packages include unlimited access to your trainer over text and/or email to ensure you're on the fast track to harmony with your pet.

Training requirements include:

- A completed intake form prior to your scheduled consultation

- A signed service agreement prior to the rendering of all training services

- A completed emergency vet authorization form prior to day training services



  • Consultation: $120, 60-90 minutes

  • Day Training or DIY Coaching: $90 per 45-minute session

  • Day Training Package Pricing:

    • Package #1 (4 training sessions, 1 transfer session): $425

    • Package #2 (6 training sessions, 1 transfer session): $595

    • Package #3 (6 training sessions, 2 transfer sessions): $680

Let's do this!!

LT is now accepting clients for behavior consultations, day training, and DIY coaching services.

Tell me about your dog(s) by submitting the form below and I'll be in touch within 72 hours.

Thanks, we'll follow up soon!

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