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It can be tricky to plan a trip away from home and leave your pets behind, especially when they have needs that require careful attention while you're away. My main goals when caring for your pet(s) in your home are to mirror their routine as best I can, prioritize the fun activities they enjoy, and ensure their comfort every step of the way. Thanks to both my many years of experience and top-of-the-line education in all-things-dog I'm especially equipped to work with fearful and/or reactive dogs in their home.


In-Home Petsitting requirements include:

- A scheduled phone consult, followed by a free 20-30 minute meet-n-greet in your home

- Dogs with behavioral challenges may require more than one meet-n-greet visit

- Prior to my first paid visit you'll be required to complete an emergency vet authorization form and an intake form detailing your pet(s) routine, health, habits, and preferences.

Currently serving San Francisco proper.

Overnight Stay (approx. 7pm - 7am): $140/night*

This is the best option for dogs who would prefer to have someone looking out for them all night long. This option may include neighborhood walks, shorter potty breaks, mealtimes, cuddling, enrichment activities, and/or brushing up on known training skills - I'll focus on ensuring your dogs needs are met and that they don't get lonely while you're away. When booking consecutive overnight stays, I'll also be checking in on your dog mid-day at no extra cost.

*max 2 pets. Each additional dog/cat/bird needing care is $40/night.

One-Hour Check-In Visit (between the hours of approx. 8am - 6pm): $40/visit

I'll visit at a time we've agreed to beforehand for no less than 1 hour. Your dog and I will spend that time doing whatever you'd like us to! This option may include a neighborhood walk, shorter potty breaks, mealtimes, cuddling, enrichment activities, and/or brushing up on known training skills. If you'd like us to spend this time doing something that isn't listed, just ask!

Half-Hour Check-In Visit (between the hours of approx. 8am-6pm): $25/visit

If your dog is more low-key or doesn't love the company of strangers, this option may be better suited for them. This option may include a quick stroll around the block and/or shorter potty break, mealtimes, enrichment activities, and whatever else we can reasonably fit into a 30-minute visit while prioritizing your dog's safety and comfort.

Let Me Spoil Your Dogs!!

LT is now accepting clients for in-home petsitting. Tell me about your dog(s) by submitting the form below and I'll be in touch within 72 hours.

Thanks, we'll follow up soon!

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