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Louie on an off-leash river adventure

Leo 'LT' Taylor

Little King Trash Dog was born
of the desire to do the best we
can for our dogs, because
they do the best they can for us

LT and Zebra, the aussie that started it all
Heffalump, a shelter dog, basking in the sun with LT

Hi 👋 I'm LT! I've been working with San Francisco dogs for over 13 years and have a voracious appetite for dog-nerdery. My hyperfixation with all-things-dog began in early childhood, and by high school I was training my mom's show dogs in group classes. After obtaining my BA at San Francisco State University I found my way to the Humane Education department of the San Francisco SPCA, where I had the privilege of teaching and working with thousands of animal lovers aged 5-85 while also receiving my own introductory education in cooperative, fear-free & force-free dog training. This was a huge relief: I had initially been introduced to methods that involved a lot of force and coercion, which didn't align with my vision of how humans should treat their furry fam. I went on to spend several years working in the Behavior & Training division of San Francisco Animal Care & Control, where I honed my ability to make effective and humane choices for the hundreds of dogs I assessed, handled, trained, and supported through adoption.


My training approach is informed by science and the golden rule. It's OK to feel exhausted by your puppy, exasperated with your unruly teen, or just plain over whatever your dog may be doing that has led you to seek help. Together we can reach solutions that work for you and your dog, prioritize safety and sanity for everyone, and I hope have some well-earned fun along the way.

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Little King Trash Dog LLC is queer-owned, family-friendly, and dedicated to anti-racist business policies

WHY 'Little King Trash Dog'?

Lemmy Pixel Art

Little King Trash Dog is named after Lemmy (formally Lemonade Ferdinand), our most recent family addition.


Lemmy was found scavenging in trash cans in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park in 2021 and was reluctantly lured to capture by a good samaritan with Cheetos . When I assessed him in the shelter he was depressed, avoidant of all handling, unable to walk on leash and suspected to be deaf. I wasn't planning on adopting another dog, but had fallen instantly and hopelessly in love.


Lemmy has both medical and behavioral issues that you'd think would make living with him difficult, but truly life with our little king trash dog is a breeze. We've worked to ensure he feels safe and is not put in situations in which he's likely to fail. He continues to make progress and has carved out a very special place in my heart, where all dogs in need of patience and understanding also reside.


Lemmy is out of this world
Lemmy in a box!
Lemmy relaxing in crate
Lemmy and Twyla chilling

Tell us about your other dog!

Sure! Louie (Loucifer Lafayette) was adopted in 2020, a few months after I had lost my beloved aussie Zebra. I was head over heels for bully breeds but had never shared a home with one, and Lou entered the shelter as a dirty, boisterous and anxiety-riddled recent mother whose nursing puppies were MIA. The shelter ACO team weren't able to locate the litter, and I still wonder what became of them.


Lou was a snorty bull-in-a-china-shop with no training who was reactive to dogs and people, so of course I fell for her. We've worked hard over the past few years to help her learn the basics and not-so-basics so that she can feel confident and comfortable on the many adventures she accompanies us on. Lou is my ride-or-die and has taught me so much about training and empathy for so-called 'difficult' dogs.

Louie Pixel Art
Louie and LT in Santa Fe, NM
Louie in the car before a walk
Louie shows off her 'down'
Louie be rollin

Get in Touch!

LT is accepting clients for behavior consultations, day training, DIY coaching & in-home petsitting.

I invite you to reach out about whatever you need help with!

Thanks, we'll follow up soon!

LT with Louie and Lemmy on a beach romp
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